Choosing & Constructing Your Garden Building…

If you’re considering a garden building, let us take you through the maze of options. This site will help you clarify planning or building regulations, help you decide on the best option for your needs and then show you what you should be aware of before going ahead.

Electric Garage Doors: Maintenance and Repair

January 31, 2012|0 Comments

Garage doors are virtually the only moving parts in a garage although if they are electric there are a fair few components that can go wrong. Repair is possible, but, as with anything mechanical, regular maintenance makes repair less necessary. [...]

What Size Greenhouse Should You Choose?

November 30, 2011|0 Comments

It’s said that size is everything but is that true with a greenhouse? Well, yes it is, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is better. It means that getting the right size for you, your garden and your gardening [...]

Glass or Plastic Panes for Your Greenhouse?

September 23, 2011|0 Comments

A greenhouse is a great way to grow flowers and other plants all year round. If you are considering buying a greenhouse, you will probably know there are many different options when it comes to deciding what type of greenhouse [...]

Storage in Your Greenhouse

January 1, 2011|0 Comments

We've already written about shelving in greenhouse, so this article is more about closed storage, cupboards and the like. Shelves are more popular in greenhouses for many reasons, not least that they allow more light into the growing space. But [...]

Patio Awnings and Canopies

December 31, 2010|2 Comments

If putting up a garden building isn't a possibility where you live, have you considered putting up a patio awning or canopy? Garden Building not an Option? For many people there aren't the funds for a garden building, conservatory or [...]

Is a Lean-to Greenhouse Right for You?

December 31, 2010|0 Comments

Building a lean-to greenhouse may be an excellent solution if you are trying to fit a greenhouse into an awkwardly shaped garden or back yard. The idea is to use a wall, either a garden wall or a free standing [...]

Choosing the Right Greenhouse

December 30, 2010|0 Comments

There is a huge variety of greenhouses on the market and the right choice depends a great deal on budget and size. But when it comes to the materials, with a few exceptions the choice tends to come down to [...]

Enclosing a Side Return

December 21, 2010|0 Comments

The side return is the name for the wide path that runs down the side of the kitchen in many terraced properties built in the first half of the previous century and the latter half of the nineteenth century. They [...]

Lean-to Sheds

December 17, 2010|0 Comments

Erecting a lean-to shed can be a great use of space, particularly if you have a narrow passageway or side return in your garden. You can either make it from scratch or adapt a self-assembly shed, effectively splitting it in [...]

Kitting Out a Greenhouse

September 2, 2010|0 Comments

So you've decided whether to have a wood framed or aluminium greenhouse, you've chosen between glass or plastic for the glazing, you've picked the site, laid the foundation and erected the greenhouse. Job done, right? Well, not exactly. Depending on [...]

Small Glass and Plastic Garden Buildings

September 2, 2010|0 Comments

If you don't have the room for a full-size wood or aluminium framed greenhouse you can still get the benefits on a smaller scale by putting up any one of a number of small glass or plastic glazed constructions. It [...]

Choosing and Erecting a Wooden Greenhouse

August 26, 2010|0 Comments

There's no doubting that a wooden greenhouse looks better and more traditional than an aluminium framed one. It's also intrinsically warmer so it's more pleasant to be in. But what sort of wooden greenhouse do you want in your garden [...]

Marquees for the Garden

August 24, 2010|0 Comments

It might be because of the uncertain summer weather in the United Kingdom that we are more likely to try things that will allow us to enjoy the garden, even if the heavens open. But it's not just rain we [...]