The Best Materials for Outdoor and Garden Toys

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There's been a great deal of innovation in the garden toy market over the last ten to twenty years with all sorts of climbing frames and other large toys that will complement a wendy house, summerhouse or other garden building. The main choice is whether to choose toys made from [...]

Solar Heating for Your Garden Building

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Many garden buildings are fine without heating, sheds and summer houses are good examples. But what if you want to make use of those buildings all through the year and when the sun goes down as well? With the growing tendency for householders to use garden buildings as extensions of [...]

Eco-Friendly Garden Building

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As energy costs rise and environmental damage mounts, it is essential to find environmentally friendly ways to live and work. One of the easiest ways to have a personal positive impact is to build an eco-friendly garden building. By using a range of environmental products, it's possible for each individual [...]

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