Furniture Choices for Garden Buildings

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Choosing furniture for a garden building depends a great deal on the use of the building and the construction method used. For example, soft furnishings are likely to get damp if left in a wooden summerhouse over winter yet would be perfectly all right in a brick built, insulated studio [...]

Choosing the Site or Location

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You may have already ordered your garden building, having chosen and decided on every important detail such as flooring material, roof tiles, timber paint colour, interior furnishing and even the smaller details such as window locks, door knobs and exactly which door mat you’ll have down. However, the chances are [...]

Ventilation and Insulation Options

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Insulation and ventilation is pretty much taken for granted in the home. But what about those garden buildings you intend to use throughout the year? Without heating, insulation or ventilation, they can be out of bounds at certain times of the year. But if you want to maintain a pleasant, [...]

Choose a Hardwearing Flooring Material

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When choosing or constructing a garden building, you’ll find that there are many different flooring materials on offer. The external part of a garden building is pretty easy – a weatherproof tile or wood patio decking is the norm, as these have to be functional as well as attractive. But [...]

Get an Electricity Supply Outside

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Garden buildings are excellent additions to your property. But if you really want to increase their usefulness to your gardening, you will probably want to install electricity and water. You can always get by for a while with an extension cord and a hosepipe, but this sort of temporary arrangement [...]

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