Storage in Your Greenhouse

We’ve already written about shelving in greenhouse, so this article is more about closed storage, cupboards and the like. Shelves are more popular in greenhouses for many reasons, not least that they allow more light into the growing space. But there is a case for closed storage as well.

Security for Garden Tools

Security is a big reason for using a cupboard or set of drawers. You might think that you’d not lose much if someone decided to break into your greenhouse. But if you add up the cost of all the small tools and specialist pieces of equipment you have built up over time, then replacing them in one hit can easily add up to a couple of hundred pounds. A locked cupboard might not put off determined thieves but it might make it hard enough for them to go off and look for an easier target.

Of course thieves can also use the tools in your greenhouse to gain entry to your house. This is becoming a more popular house-breaking method as it gets round the fact that police can charge you with going equipped for burglary. But if thieves aren’t carrying any tools, that charge won’t stick.

Cupboards and Drawers for Storing Tools

Awkwardly shaped items are much easier to store in cupboards than shelves. Things that would slide off shelves will stay put in a cupboard or a drawer. You might find a set of drawers even more useful in this regard, particularly for small and easily lost items like plant markers and packets of seeds.

Wooden cupboards are also better at protecting tools from moisture, but they are more likely to rust in plastic or metal cupboards, even more so that just being left out on a shelf. But it’s wise to keep metal tools clean and wipe them over with grease occasionally to keep rust at bay anyway.

Positioning Storage

Of course cupboards and sets of drawers will still prevent light coming through in a way that shelves won’t so it’s best to keep them down at floor level, particularly if your greenhouse has dwarf walls.

In fact, if you are reading this before you buy your greenhouse, it’s worth thinking about it now. If you think you’ll want to have a run of cupboards and drawers then it might influence your choice of greenhouse style. If you have full-height glass walls in the greenhouse then try to keep the most southerly-facing wall free to maximise the amount of light coming through.

Using Kitchen Cupboards

As beauty and style aren’t often high on the list of considerations for greenhouse equipment there are some great sources of cupboards and drawers. Kitchens are the best bet.

In fact if you can find someone who’s replacing their kitchen then you might be lucky and get cupboards, drawers and a run of kitchen worktop, which is great for potting up and other tasks bet done at that height. Make sure you keep the cupboards off the floor though, to prevent damp seeping up from the ground.

Whatever you choose for greenhouse storage, make sure it fits your needs and you will be able to enjoy gardening in peace and security.