Wigwams and Other Large Tents

Why should you consider a wigwam or other type of large tent? Some people don’t have the space or the funds to build a permanent structure in their garden and others may find they need extra storage for only a short period of time.

Whatever your reason you may find that a temporary garden structure is for you. But which type do you choose? Below is a round up of the options.

Temporary Storage Options

Small garden storage units are widely available. They are made from a strong lightweight fabric and easily house your garden equipment, furniture and bicycles. They can be free standing but come with fixing kits so you can fix them to your house or fence. The added bonus is that you can detach them and take them with you on fishing trips or camping holidays. Locks are available to make sure your possessions are safe and secure.

You can even get portable garages. Large enough to store the family car, you can also use them as outdoor workshops. With steel frames and strong weather resistant covers, these temporary buildings are ideal if you don’t need permanent storage in your garden.

Greenhouse Choices

The plastic greenhouse is an excellent alternative to its glass cousin. It comes in a variety of sizes from the very small to larger, sturdier constructions. The choice is yours depending on the size of your garden and your level of expertise.

There are four and five tier greenhouses allowing you to make the most of your space. Some are specially designed for growing tomatoes, cucumbers or chillies and there are even ‘starter’ greenhouses for budding gardeners, so called due to their low price and easy assembly.

Social Tents: Gazebos and Marquees

British weather can be fickle to say the least. You can put up a gazebo in the summer months to shelter you from the sun….or the rain. They range from the very reasonably priced ‘instant’ gazebos with a roof, four legs and zip on sides to the more sturdy deluxe models, which you can leave up all year round.

For weddings or parties there is a range of temporary marquees. There are the traditional pole marquees mostly associated with weddings with canvas over centre and side poles. Then you have frame marquees with no centre pole, which are more flexible as regards to where they can be erected. The Chinese hat marquee is ideal for smaller functions. They are typically 5M x 5M frames, which can be easily joined together to make larger structures.

Wigwams and Yurts.

For a modern garden you could try a wigwam or yurt. Both these structures are attracting attention on the back of rising green concerns and the days of wigwams as just play tents are long gone, with large, very sturdy models on the market.

Some wigwams even come with mattresses and pillows, giving a whole new meaning to outdoor relaxation. If you want a large one to seat all your friends, you have to be prepared to pay for it, but smaller versions are more affordable.

The yurt is the traditional circular tent home of nomadic tribes in Mongolia and they have recently become popular as garden buildings. See our comprehensive article on yurts in this section.

Garden Tents for Children

Children love tents. There is the traditional garden play tent, usually in a pop-up design. They are very easy to put up and come in an array of designs. You might want to get something closer to a proper camping tent so that you can use it on camping holidays. This way the tent can be both functional and fun.

If you fancy something different, the kids’ wigwam is great fun. It is easy to assemble and durable enough to stay up for the summer. You can get sturdy ones to take camping which go up to six feet tall, but there are the smaller versions, two feet tall. Children will love playing in them and the wigwams have the added bonus of being a very effective sun screen.

Planning Issues

There is no planning permission required for your temporary garden building, but it is always wise to check with your local planning office before purchasing, just in case. It’s worth taking your neighbours into consideration as well as they might not look so fondly on your newly acquired six foot wigwam!

These temporary structures are practical, versatile and cost effective. They certainly make a change from the good old garden shed.