What Size Greenhouse Should You Choose?

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It’s said that size is everything but is that true with a greenhouse? Well, yes it is, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is better. It means that getting the right size for you, your garden and your gardening interests is very important, whether you end up with something [...]

Glass or Plastic Panes for Your Greenhouse?

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A greenhouse is a great way to grow flowers and other plants all year round. If you are considering buying a greenhouse, you will probably know there are many different options when it comes to deciding what type of greenhouse to buy. Once you have decided on the shape and [...]

Heating, Cooling and Ventilating Your Greenhouse

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First time greenhouse owners might be a little confused by the need to heat a greenhouse. After all, isn’t the main point that they make use of the sun's rays to heat up the inside, to grow plants earlier in the season? Importance of Heating and Cooling That's true, but [...]

Selecting and Building an Aluminium-framed Greenhouse

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As we pointed out in our article on the selection and erection of wooden greenhouses, many of the issues are the same regardless of the choice of material. The factors surrounding the location, size, price and shape of any greenhouse are largely the same whether it is made from wood [...]

Choosing and Erecting a Wooden Greenhouse

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There's no doubting that a wooden greenhouse looks better and more traditional than an aluminium framed one. It's also intrinsically warmer so it's more pleasant to be in. But what sort of wooden greenhouse do you want in your garden and what's involved in erecting one? There are a variety [...]

Pergolas and Other Landscaping Structures for the Garden

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A pergola can be a stunning addition to any garden and it a very versatile one too. This article will cover pergolas and other similar garden landscaping structures that are used to make walkways or divide sections of gardens from each other. Landscaping History Pergolas developed from natural occurring green [...]

Building Block and Brick Garden Buildings

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If you want to build a garden building that will be warm, dry and stand the test of time, blocks and bricks are your best bet. You may not need planning permission either, or building regulations approval, so that makes the project a lot easier than ‘proper’ building, like an [...]

Erecting a Polytunnel: Practical Information

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A polytunnel is, quite simply, a bigger version of a cloche. Whereas a cloche is normally used to protect a small number of plants or an individual plant, a polytunnel covers a much larger area of your garden. In construction terms is a row of hoops with a plastic cover [...]

Electrifying Garage Double Doors

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Electric door openers are becoming cheaper and more easily available although the up-and-over door is far more popular and easier to convert. This doesn't mean that traditional garage double doors can't be electrified, it just means that there are fewer options on the market, making them more expensive, and they [...]

Choosing Windows for a Garden Building

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When you're planning a garden building you're likely to be looking to put windows in it, but what type of windows? Basically your choice is between plastic or glass. For the purposes of this article we're going to ignore greenhouses, this is more about wooden garden buildings. Glass vs Plastic [...]

Solar Powered Electricity in Your Garden Building

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Getting mains electricity to any garden building can be a real pain. Using solar power means that you can cut down on all the hassle of running cables through the garden and tapping into the domestic power supply. But are the available solar powered products good enough? Running Electrical Cables [...]

Installing a Jacuzzi in Your Garden

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Installing a Jacuzzi or other whirlpool spa pool in a garden isn't particularly difficult and in many cases the supplier of the pool will install it for you. But there may still be some groundworks necessary to provide a flat platform and access to the necessary utilities. Whirlpool Baths and [...]

Erect a Garage or Car Port

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Your family car will definitely benefit from being parked within a sheltered area, particularly during the harsher winter months. Wind, rain and strong sunshine can all contribute to the decaying and wearing of your car’s engine, seals and bodywork. Therefore having a sheltered area for parking up is one sure-fired [...]

Steel Framed Structures

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Until recently, the use of steel for framing was limited to commercial or industrial construction. However, steel framed buildings are becoming more popular and more widespread throughout the UK, including the residential sector. Garden buildings are no exception to this trend. Several garden buildings can now be purchased with steel [...]

Pre-Fabricated Structures

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Have you considered a pre-fabricated structure for your next garden building? There is growing interest in pre-fabricated structures in the UK. Although this construction method can be used for practically any type of building, it is seeing greatest use in smaller structures like garden buildings. Large portions of a building [...]

Pool Houses and Swimming Pool Shelters

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It is an unfortunate fact that British weather is just not ideal for year long enjoyment of an outdoor swimming pool. Even if the pool is heated, you won’t be able to get out at certain times of the year without enduring icy, sub-zero temperatures! Continuously erecting a gazebo during [...]

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