Steel Framed Structures

Until recently, the use of steel for framing was limited to commercial or industrial construction. However, steel framed buildings are becoming more popular and more widespread throughout the UK, including the residential sector.

Garden buildings are no exception to this trend. Several garden buildings can now be purchased with steel framing, especially garden sheds and garages. Greenhouses with metal frames have also started to show up. What’s behind this increasing popularity?

The Advantages of Steel Frame Buildings

Many advantages associated with using steel relate the material itself. Steel is very tough, highly durable and fireproof. Steel frame buildings are remarkably resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions, including high winds (metal frame homes have withstood 90 mile per hour winds). This means that steel frame homes tend to be extremely sturdy, and a desirable purchasing and design aspect. [

Metal frames are not susceptible to rotting, warping or shrinking. Surprisingly though, steel is lighter than comparable timber by up to 60 percent. Generally speaking, steel framing in structures has a much lower maintenance need than buildings constructed from traditional materials.

Steel buildings provide greater security than typical garden structures. As the equipment you store in your garden shed gets more expensive, concern about theft rises. Sheds and garages constructed from steel components make it much more difficult to break in and steal your valuable tools.

You can store your lawnmower, bicycles and other personal items in your garden shed with confidence. In addition to being more secure against break-ins, steel is fireproof. This extra security can be especially helpful if you decide to install a home office in your garden building.

Metal Frame Construction

If you had your heart set on an environmentally friendly garden building, you might be experiencing some disappointment with all this talk of steel. However, steel frame construction is more eco-friendly than you might think. That’s because steel is recycled at a high rate.

Worldwide, more than 85 percent of steel is recycled at the end of its useful life. The magnetic properties of steel make sorting and recycling a simple matter, resulting in remarkably high rates of re-utilisation.

Building with steel is quick and easy. Most of the components used in construction are produced in a factory, then assembled on-site. Faster build time means lower costs for you. Finished metal frame garden buildings also tend to be very well insulated, so long-term energy savings can be significant.

The benefits of metal frame construction are leading to a wider selection of steel framed structures. You can now purchase greenhouses with steel framing and polycarbonate glazing. The glazing reduces UV rays by 99 percent, while the steel frame is guaranteed against corrosion for 10 years. Steel framed gazebos are also becoming available. They are quick and easy to assemble and the powder coated steel lasts for years.

When you are contemplating the addition or replacement of a garden building, you might not immediately think of steel framed structures. However, these durable and long-lasting buildings offer significant benefits that cannot be minimised. As it turns out they are more eco-friendly than you might first suspect. Plus, their design blends well with most gardens. So before you rush to the timber yard, consider steel framing for your garden building.