Top Five Garden Buildings

Garden buildings are gaining in popularity as they become cheaper in real terms and we seem to gather more stuff that needs storing. We are also trying to use our gardens for longer than the usual summer in the United Kingdom will allow.

So which are the top five garden buildings in the UK? We take you through our countdown, staring with number five and working down to number one.

Number Five: The Wendy House

Starting off our countdown at number five it’s the Wendy house and other play buildings for children. Being smaller they are cheaper so it’s not surprising that there is a lot of them around. If you can’t run to the sort of Wendy house that would be considered a ‘garden building’ there are plenty of canvas and plastic alternatives.

Number Four: The Summerhouse

Summerhouses are on the increase as part of the trend for using the garden as an extension of the house, although they have existed for well over a century. A summerhouse provides shelter from the sun when it is too hot and from wind and rain (to a point), so greater enjoyment of the garden can be had.

The characteristics of a summer house that distinguish it from a mere shed are having larger windows, double doors and usually a veranda or balcony, at least an outside sitting area. Then there is a place to sit outside when the weather allows and inside when it doesn’t, but when it is still warm enough to be outside.

Number Three: The Garage

Although not usually considered a garden building there’s no doubt that many are built in gardens, and that they are outbuildings! It’s perhaps less usual to erect a garage in a garden these days. After all many new house tend to have them already and older houses that have the space and the access for a garage have usually had one built already but the numbers sold are still high.

Garages can be made from a variety of materials, wood, steel and plastic as well as traditional blocks and brick.

Number Two: The Greenhouse

Greenhouses are evergreen in polarity with new devotees coming on board as part of the renewed interest in vegetable growing for economy and healthy eating. Cheaper greenhouses have plastic glazing and aluminium frames and the most expensive are glass and wood, with a number of variations in between.

A number of articles are in the pipeline that will cover the various different greenhouse styles to help you decide which one would be the best for your garden.

Number One: The Garden Shed

Ah yes, the venerable garden shed, retreat of mankind since suburbia was invented and a worthy number one in our top five. The choice of sheds on the market is truly staggering, with all sorts of shapes and sizes, not to mention materials: wood, plastic and metal are all available.

Sheds are increasing needed to store the paraphernalia of gardening, as every gardening job now seems to have a specialist tool for it. If that is the main purpose of your shed, make sure it’s nice and secure.